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The health economy creates more data than any other part of the U.S. economy, but healthcare executives, from health system operators to policymakers, have historically been challenged to interpret the wealth of data insights needed to contextualize the constant change. Our research examines the organization, financing, and delivery of healthcare from the lens of demand, supply, and yield. 

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The health economy, which is approaching 20% of GDP and is the largest line item in the federal budget, continues to experience dynamic change. The Compass is a weekly research publication led by our Chief Research Officer, Sanjula Jain, Ph.D., that explores data-driven trends as a guide to the increasingly complex and competitive health economy.

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    Quantitative and qualitative research examining the organization, financing, and delivery of healthcare as part of our Trends Shaping the Health Economy, Market Similarity Index, and Consumer Opinion series.

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      As part of our commitment to make healthcare exponentially better, we are partnering with leading academic institutions to accelerate the publication of peer-reviewed findings.

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        The national average of consumer loyalty.
        In effect, this means that 60% of the healthcare services are
        consumed in settings aligned to a single provider network.


        Telehealth Visit

        The misalignment of telehealth policy and funding versus who actually uses it is epic

        April 6th, 2022

        Since the public health emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic began, telehealth has been positioned as a leading solution to health care access challenges.

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        Trends Shaping the Health Economy: Telehealth


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