Health Plan Price Transparency

Deliver greater value for money with insight into negotiated rates.

Transform machine-readable files into actionable insights.

By combining our proprietary provider directory and market analytics with data from price transparency files posted by payers, we can connect any facility or physician with the negotiated reimbursement rate for any payer for any services rendered at any location.

Benchmark Rates

Understand how rates for specific providers compare against the market rate to prepare for managed care negotiations.

Develop Networks

Identify providers with above- and below-market rates to design networks that deliver more value for money.

Calculate Cost of Care

Combine professional and facility rates to assess risk based on the actual total cost of care for a population.

Gain a competitive advantage with a view into inpatient and outpatient negotiated rates across the U.S.

Incorporated Utilization Volumes

Claims data tied to negotiated rates to identify phantom rates and highlight discrepancies between volume and price.

Human-in-the-Loop Curation

Our team of experts curates the data to affirm accurate provider-facility affiliations, facility NPIs with negotiated rates and rates above the Medicare base rate.  

Complex Data, Simplified

Advanced de-duplication efforts eliminate trillions of irrelevant data points, providing you with accurate and actionable insights.

Health plan price transparency reveals opportunities for value-based competition.

Health plan price transparency will inaugurate an era of value-based competition that employers focusing on value for money will demand.


Providers use our Health Plan Price Transparency Analytics to benchmark their reimbursement rates against their competitors in the market.


Payers depend on our Health Plan Price Transparency Analytics to develop higher value networks.

Life Sciences

Life sciences firms count on Health Plan Price Transparency Analytics to align sales and marketing efforts with favorable reimbursements and utilization rates.

Embrace value-based competition.

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