Answer yourmost complexquestions.

Access an enterprise-scale analytics platform to create custom reports and dashboards with the industry’s most powerful datasets. 

Build custom analyses to answer questions no one else can.

Workbench enables self-service exploration of row-level data on a hosted analytics platform.

Near Real-Time

New data is uploaded monthly, with utilization data as recent as 60 days from the date of service.

Flexible Access

The drag-and-drop interface enables self-service exploration of row-level data.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our datasets represent actual episodes of care for 300 million patients, not extrapolations from a limited sample.

Use Workbench to develop evidence-based strategies.

Visits Data

Analyze healthcare utilization over time with visibility to the longitudinal patient journeys of 300 million patients.

Health Plan Price Transparency

Understand the true variation in healthcare costs at the facility, physician and code level from machine-readable files posted by health insurers.

Physician profile in Trilliant Health's national provider directory showing provider name, specialty, practice locations and patient panel.
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Provider Directory

Access details on 2.9 million individual providers to see practice patterns, referrals and more.

Line graph showing a ten-year forecast of healthcare demand with confidence intervals
Free Version
Demand Forecast

Anticipate the future with a 10-year forecast for healthcare demand.

Built on our all-payer database of claims from over300 million Americansto capture market realities with an unparalleled level of detail.

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