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Make better decisions with more accurate provider data.

Realize the power of the first provider directory based on real-world evidence.

Our provider directory offers the most accurate healthcare provider data available, powered by advanced machine learning and a range of datasets, including national claims, public data and consumer data.

Explore Validated Provider Data

Instead of relying on outdated data in public datasets, we leverage over 100 billion rows of claims data to determine how, where and for whom a provider practices.

Improve Provider Networks

Discover which providers practice in a market, where they are affiliated and the characteristics of the patients they treat to optimize provider network development.

Track Practice Patterns

Analyze the most recent patterns in referrals, patient demographics and rendered procedures at the individual provider level.

Explore the details of more than 2.9 million practitioners: their services, patients, visits, locations and referral patterns.

Patient Panels

Find physicians who have experience treating patients with similar backgrounds, conditions and demographics.

Practice Locations

Improve access to convenient care with information about provider practice locations and affiliations.


Ensure that patients find the correct provider with visibility to practicing specialty, determined by recent claims activity.


Access productivity metrics like wRVUs to help users optimize resource allocation, improve appointment scheduling and more.

Top Insurance Plans

Discover which insurance plans a provider bills frequently in claims, enabling patients to make informed decisions based on their coverage.

Referral Patterns

Identify top referral sources and destinations to help patients understand the upstream and downstream care journey.

Group/System Affiliations

Gain more accurate information about the physician rosters of organizations prior to contracting.

Open Payments

Explore the financial relationship between physicians and life science firms to develop network and go-to-market strategies.

Provider Directory reveals growth opportunities for health economy stakeholders.

Using machine learning and claims analytics, our directory equips providers, payers and life science organizations with the most current information available about 2.9 million providers.


Providers use our Provider Directory to optimize network management and develop growth strategies.


Payers depend on our Provider Directory to ensure compliance with the No Surprises Act and streamline network development.

Life Sciences

Life science organizations count on our Provider Directory’s timely data to understand market share and develop go-to-market strategies.

What level of access is right for your organization?

Starting at
Notable features:
  • Provider Information
    Check a provider's active status, medical school, graduation year and specialty
  • Practice Locations
    See a provider’s primary practice location and attributes of their patient panel
  • Panel Demographics
    Discover the characteristics of the population a provider treats by age and gender
Starting at
Billed Annually
Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Practice Patterns
    Discover a provider’s organization affiliations, payer mix, total visit volume and top plan names
  • Secondary Practice Locations
    See one additional practice location, with visit volumes by day of week and wRVUs
  • Common Codes
    Reveal a provider’s top three procedure codes and diagnosis codes to learn more about the needs of their patient panel
Starting at
Billed Annually
Everything in Essential, plus:
  • Referral Data
    Get all the data in Essential, plus see a provider’s top referral sources and destinations
  • Even More Practice Patterns
    Improve your targeted provider outreach with information about which locations a provider practices based on the day of the week
  • Even More Practice Locations
    See up to five practice locations, with visit volumes by day of week and wRVUs

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