For life sciences firms, network performance is the only benchmark that matters.

In healthcare, market share reveals a stakeholder’s network performance and, in turn, the effectiveness of its strategic initiatives and operational execution. 

The sales of every pharmaceutical and medical device firm depend upon physician prescriptions and preferences, as well as consumer adherence. We show you how these decisions impact commercial success, so you can develop effective go-to-market strategies.  

Are you asking the right questions?

By connecting the dots across healthcare datasets – all-payer claims, health plan price transparency files, provider information, public datasets and consumer data - we equip life sciences firms with insights that not only address pressing questions but also spark new inquiries that challenge the status quo.

  • What is my market share percentage and trend by product and market?

  • Where does the target population for a device or therapeutic live?

  • Which products offer the best opportunity for market share expansion?

  • How many products that I offer reduce the total cost of care?

  • Which providers might adopt or prescribe a new device or therapeutic?

  • Are trends evolving due to policy, reimbursement or regulatory changes?

Our Solutions

Our solutions guide you to evidence-based insights.

Data without context does not have the answers. Our solutions fill in the gaps, transforming raw data by providing the context needed to inform go-to-market strategies for life sciences firms. Our solutions have helped pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device firms understand market share, provider prescribing patterns and consumer preferences.

A bar chart of physician referrals and a stacked bar chart of provider alignment. Both are features in Trilliant Health's Network Explorer app.
Network Explorer

Develop targeted sales strategies with insight into physician networks and referral patterns.

A map of health system market share, as an example of a feature in Trilliant Health's Market Explorer guided analytics application
Market Explorer

Gain insights into market-level utilization to develop commercial strategies.

Physician profile in Trilliant Health's national provider directory showing provider name, specialty, practice locations and patient panel.
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Provider Directory

Understand the patient panels, treatment patterns and financial relationships of individual physicians.

Scatterplot showing the variation of cost and quality in Trilliant Health's health plan price transparency analytics.
Health Plan Price Transparency

Develop pricing strategies with insight into market rates for therapeutics and devices.

Line graph showing a ten-year forecast of healthcare demand with confidence intervals
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Demand Forecast

Utilize algorithm-based projections of future demand for healthcare services to understand changes in visit volume over time.

Line chart showing trends in the emergency services, as an example of an analysis in Compass+
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Stay ahead with exclusive research and trend forecasts from our team of policy analysts, data scientists and economists.

There is no room for guesswork in the future of healthcare. Our solutions equip life sciences firms to makebetter decisions.

Are there questions your current analytics partner cannot answer?

We use proprietary algorithms to analyze utilization across all settings of care – inpatient and outpatient – to provide a more comprehensive view of the market. 

Let us know what questions you have – we will show you how our solutions can answer them. 

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