Demand Forecast

Improve strategic planning with a 10-year forecast of demand.

Predict where, when and how consumers will demand healthcare services over a 10-year horizon.

For decades, most health economy stakeholders have relied on a model of national demand for healthcare services that conflates increased burden of disease with future demand, resulting in suboptimal capital allocation decisions that ignore the impact of local market dynamics.

Develop Evidence-Based Strategy

Leverage insights modeled from more than 100 billion rows of claims data.

Track Hyper-Local Demand

Instead of relying on national demand modeled for your market, utilize a demand forecast model based on utilization trends in your market.

Use Probability to Invest in Growth

Interpret a range of possible scenarios with confidence intervals that account for uncertainty.

Leverage hundreds of generalized linear mixed models in combination with more than 100 billion rows of claims data to project future demand for healthcare services.

Local Market Trends

Analyze market trends at the national, state, core-based statistical area (CBSA) and ZIP Code level.

Service Line Growth

Gain detailed insight into the demand trends for service lines and procedure subtypes.

Population Dynamics

Predict how population changes will impact demand at the hyper-local level.

Demand Forecast reveals the best opportunities to maximize return on invested capital.


Providers use our Demand Forecast to allocate capital with a detailed understanding of demand at the market and service line levels.


Payers depend on our Demand Forecast to improve resource allocation and optimize provider networks.

Life Sciences

Life sciences firms count on our Demand Forecast data to create financial projections for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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Access the national forecast for free or subscribe to the premium tier for a more granular view of local markets.

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Notable features:
  • National Forecasts
    Project future demand for healthcare services over a 10-year horizon with GLMMs in combination more than 100 billion rows of claims data
  • Projections by Service Line
    Allocate capital across the enterprise with insight into how demand is projected to change by service line
  • Projections by Demographics
    Tailor strategic plans to your target population with forecasts across demographic segments
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Everything in Basic, plus:
  • State-Level Forecasts
    Dig deeper into how demand trends vary across different states by service line and demographic segments
  • Local-Level Forecasts
    Develop actionable strategic plans with hyper-local trends at the CBSA and ZIP Code-level
  • Hosted Analytics Platform
    Visualize forecasts on a hosted analytics platform to optimize your speed to insights

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Visualize 10-year demand forecasts with a prebuilt dashboard.

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Our Demand Forecast is available via a downloadable format to integrate with existing systems.


Use our Demand Forecast API to add insights directly into your applications.

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