The foundation of anevidence-basedstrategy is an accurate benchmark.

Historical approaches to benchmarking have been ineffective in improving the performance of the U.S. health economy. SimilarityIndex™ introduces a new set of benchmarks generated from the industry’s first machine-learning-based SimilarityEngine™.

This is no time for aspirational benchmarking.

In healthcare’s negative-sum game, every health system faces significant challenges, and many are in grave financial distress. With SimilarityIndex™, health systems can benchmark against peers that operate in similar markets, improving their performance against those ‘true’ peers across a variety of metrics.

Similarity Index Market
SimilarityIndex™ | Markets

Determine which U.S. markets are most similar, determining relevant growth, economic, demographic, consumer and competition peers to power evidence-based strategies.

Similarity Index Hospitals
SimilarityIndex™ | Hospitals

Identify the 50 most similar peers for more than 2,200 U.S. hospitals and compare their performance based on quality, financial, competitive and price indexes.

The health economy’s first machine-learning-based SimilarityEngine™. 

SimilarityEngine™ processes hyper-local healthcare supply, demand and yield data from a curated mix of publicly available and proprietary data sources, including Trilliant Health’s all-payer claims database that informs longitudinal patient journeys for more than 300 million Americans. Stakeholders across the health economy rely on Trilliant Health and its SimilarityEngine™ applications to create customized, evidence-based strategies.

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