Trilliant Health was formed in June 2017 through the merger of Aegis Health and Clariture Health, followed by the merger with Expression Health Analytics in October 2017. Trilliant’s mission has been simple and laser-focused: to make healthcare providers stronger through intelligent patient acquisition. To that end, Trilliant Health has strategically and systematically brought to the marketplace best-in-class technology, data science and experienced healthcare leaders all focused on assisting providers to achieve that single goal.  Now, to help hospitals, health systems, and physicians realize that objective with even greater confidence and efficiency, Trilliant has united its distinct solutions into a single brand.  Aegis Health, Clariture Health, and Expression Health Analytics will now be known as Trilliant Health.

Here’s why we are doing it and how our present and future customers will benefit from this direction:

Why is Trilliant uniting its distinct solutions into a single brand?

By uniting its solutions in a coordinated and integrated fashion, with a common mission and vision, Trilliant is better equipped to deliver patient-level intelligence and tailored solutions that address each hospital’s need to drive more paying customers through its doors.

Why is that so?

Elective patients choose a provider in one of three ways – through a physician decision (referral), employer decision (benefit design), or a consumer decision (searching online for care). Collectively, Trilliant’s three companies address all of these pathways to care and, as a result, can offer hospitals a complete solution for growth through every channel – physician, employer and consumer. In doing so, Trilliant can help solve the challenges that healthcare providers are currently facing when it comes to consumer choice within healthcare.

Why did Trilliant decide to do this at this time?

Trilliant believes strongly that hospitals and physicians are the lifeblood of America’s communities. But Trilliant’s leadership also sees that these providers are facing unique and difficult challenges including declining reimbursements, a rapid shift of care from inpatient to outpatient settings, increasing expenses and an unpredictable regulatory future. We believe the market needs a coordinated growth solution that integrates technology, data and consulting services to enable providers to attract commercially insured patients to increase profitable revenue and market share.

Can you better explain the inter-relationship between Trilliant’s three companies?

Aegis has been an employer focused solution that engages the local, commercially insured workforce to increase a hospital’s market share and revenue from commercially insured patients, many of whom do not have a relationship with a primary care physician. Clariture has provided healthcare digital marketing technology to identify, engage and convert qualified consumers into “net new” patients at a service line level, thus driving new and desirable revenue. Expression Health Analytics has delivered hospitals with unique analytical insights focused on organic growth and development. Collectively, these companies marry technology, analytics, and consultative expertise in ways that drive profitable market share growth.

Will the unification of the brands result in other benefits?

Yes. The unifying of the companies will not only better serve Trilliant’s current and future clients, but will further drive innovative solutions that will allow Trilliant to deliver even more value to the healthcare community. It will also allow each Trilliant client to better leverage the incredible talents and extensive healthcare and data science experience of Trilliant’s entire team in ways that will be a true competitive advantage.

How does this affect existing customers of Aegis, Clariture and Expression Health?

Each of Trilliant’s existing clients has been notified of this change through personal communication from the respective Trilliant company. They have been assured that the same level of outstanding customer service to which they have become accustomed will not diminish – in fact, it will be significantly enhanced. That’s because the combined insight that Trilliant Health’s collective companies bring to a client will allow a hospital to better understand its individual market including where the best opportunities for profitable growth exist, what their present and potential customers are seeking, and how to best reach these customers in compelling ways that motivate action.

What does the future hold for Trilliant?

Trilliant will always continue to look for new ways to bring increased value to its customers and to help providers become even more proficient in retaining existing patients and attracting new ones. Whether through service enhancement of existing products, the creation of new service lines, or acquisition of complementary companies into the Trilliant family, Trilliant is well positioned to continue to be the industry thought leader and pacesetter in making healthcare providers stronger through intelligent patient acquisition.

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