It’s no secret that healthcare is changing: reimbursement rates are declining, payers are becoming providers, and physicians’ financial interests are not necessarily in line with hospitals’. With deep roots in managing and operating hospitals and provider groups, our team has seen first-hand how these market forces have aligned against health systems.

We experienced the same pain healthcare executives feel today: lack of visibility into the dynamics at work inside each market. We, too, were beholden to overly positive projections developed from a small sample of outdated data. These frustrations were only exasperated by analytics and data companies driving a false narrative that healthcare doesn’t change much year-to-year, when it is clear that is not the case.

Trilliant Health was formed out of a commitment to transparency and a relentless drive to find answers to the mounting challenges facing healthcare providers today, as we believe that strong hospitals and healthcare providers are the lifeblood of vibrant communities.

We provide a comprehensive view into market dynamics by synthesizing data from disparate data sets to show our clients what is happening outside their four walls in near real-time. With an accurate view of our partners’ markets, Trilliant guides hospitals to the most efficient and effective solutions for growth.

In a market where the only certainty is uncertainty, Trilliant has proven that with the right data and data-driven strategies, health systems can still thrive.

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