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Our solutions blend analytics, research and strategic expertise to enable health economy stakeholders to compete more effectively.

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A bar chart of physician referrals and a stacked bar chart of provider alignment. Both are features in Trilliant Health's Network Explorer app.
Network Explorer

Optimize network performance by understanding referral patterns and patient journeys.

A map of health system market share, as an example of a feature in Trilliant Health's Market Explorer guided analytics application
Market Explorer

Maximize your market share with in-depth insights into your current standing and untapped opportunities.

Physician profile in Trilliant Health's national provider directory showing provider name, specialty, practice locations and patient panel.
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Provider Directory

Access details on 2.9 million individual providers (and even more facilities) to see practice patterns, referrals and more.

Scatterplot showing the variation of cost and quality in Trilliant Health's health plan price transparency analytics.
Health Plan Price Transparency

Benchmark your negotiated rates for any service in any market.

Line graph showing a ten-year forecast of healthcare demand with confidence intervals
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Demand Forecast

Utilize algorithm-based projections of future demand for healthcare services at the local level to capitalize on the most compelling growth opportunities.

Line chart showing trends in the emergency services, as an example of an analysis in Compass+
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Leverage exclusive, comprehensive research to stay ahead in the highly competitive healthcare landscape.



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We equip you with analytics, research and strategic expertise to win in healthcare's negative-sum game.

Healthcare is changing.

Our solutions equip health economy stakeholders with evidence-based insights.


Providers use our solutions to analyze how physicians and patients make decisions — and form strategies to adapt and thrive.


Payers leverage our insights to understand healthcare spending and outcomes, enabling more effective network strategies.

Life Sciences

Life sciences firms access our insights to understand market trends and patient preferences — driving innovation and product success.