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Evidence-Based Strategy for Life Sciences

Trilliant Health’s insights enable life sciences companies to analyze and improve their network performance. 

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M&A Activity by therapeutic area for three major biopharmaceutical manufacturers, 2010-2022

Network Performance Determines the Winners and Losers in Healthcare's Negative-Sum Game

The sales of every life sciences company depend upon physician prescriptions and preferences. Develop commercial strategies for drugs, therapies and medical devices with insights into disease burden, demand forecasts and physician practice patterns. 

Impact of the patient journey

Research Subscriptions

Our premium subscriptions offer in-depth analysis and interpretation of evolving and emerging trends through the lens of demand, supply and yield. 

Compass+ Platform


Access a subscriber-only platform with exclusive data-driven insights, policy briefings, executive commentaries and strategic resources.

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Service Line Intelligence

Develop targeted go-to-market strategies with a comprehensive overview of demand, supply and yield within a specific clinical area at the national, market and organizational level. 

Primary Care / OB/GYN / Behavioral Health / Digital Health / Orthopedics / Cardiology / Oncology / Gastrointestinal 

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Portfolio Evaluation & Benchmarking

Evaluate how specific hospitals and markets are performing relative to national, peer and competitor benchmarks; and identify areas for improvement and potential growth opportunities with in-depth views of the key measures underlying performance scores. 

Provider | Market 

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Analytics Solutions

Our analytics solutions identify market-specific opportunities to improve your organization's network performance and compete more effectively in healthcare’s negative-sum game. 

Network Explorer

Network Explorer

Discover how physicians refer patients, where those patients receive care and what these behaviors mean for your network performance. 

Provider Directory

Provider Directory

Delivers real-time, claims-based intelligence about physician behavior. Provider Directory allows you to understand who is practicing, the locations at which they practice, which types of patients they see, how often they see them and where those patients go next.

Market Explorer

Market Explorer

Provides the most comprehensive analysis of market share across service lines, settings of care and geographic areas. Compete in healthcare’s negative-sum game more effectively by understanding the care you don’t deliver.  

Demand Forecast

Demand Forecast

Forecasts where volumes are expected to grow or decline by market, service line, age, gender and other variables. Demand Forecast allows you to reduce risk and maximize return on invested capital by understanding the most compelling growth opportunities.  

Facility and Provider Analytics

Facility & Provider Analytics 

Tracks patient care trends to reveal market share for all facilities and providers in a market. Facility & Provider Analytics allows you to track volumes and referral patterns by facility, provider group, service line and payer mix. 

Health Plan Price Transparency

Health Plan Price Transparency

Provides contracted reimbursement rates across competitors. Health Plan Price Transparency provides a comprehensive understanding of the range of negotiated rates for any healthcare service in a market, eliminating the long-standing information asymmetry in managed care contracting.

Network Performance

Network Performance

Tracks patient journeys across the care continuum to understand your network performance in comparison to your competitors. Network Performance allows you to identify where, when and why patients are leaving your network and then develop strategies to enhance care coordination to improve network performance.  

Provider Needs Assessment

Provider Needs Assessment

Provides an understanding of the supply of physicians by specialty and demand for specific medical services in your market. Provider Needs Assessment enables you to create evidence-based network development strategies to meet the needs of your customers.   

Full Data Access

Full Data Access

Provides advanced analytics teams with comprehensive data access. Full Data Access allows you to create custom analyses to answer your organization’s most complex strategic questions. 

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Data-driven Insights on the Health Economy

The health economy creates more data than any other part of the U.S. economy. Trilliant Health’s research and reports examine the organization, financing and delivery of healthcare from the lens of demand, supply and yield.

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The Compass
A weekly research publication led by Chief Research Officer, Sanjula Jain, Ph.D., The Compass explores data-driven trends as a guide to the increasingly complex health economy.

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2023 Frame-2

2023 Trends Shaping the Health Economy
The report is a fact-based national analysis of 10 data-driven trends that will define the landscape, and subsequent challenges, for all players in the health economy, revealing the importance of delivering value for money.  

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SimilarityIndex™ | Hospitals
The foundation of an evidence-based strategy is an accurate benchmark. 2023 Trilliant Health SimilarityIndex™ | Hospitals is the health economy’s only data-driven hospital benchmarking analysis.

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