Network Explorer

Track how patients are moving through a network.

Understand how physician decisions influence how patients utilize your network – and your competition.

Our Network Explorer product offers visibility into physician referral patterns across the entire market, highlighting how patients are moving through – or leaving – your network.

Identify Referral Relationships

Discover the referral relationships between primary care providers and specialists in your network and across the market.

Discover Facility Affiliations

Analyze the facilities where specialists render care, at what volume and for which payers.

Track Network Alignment Trends

Quantify your network performance – and your competition – over time.

Discover the factors that impact your network alignment.

Service Line

See how visit volumes change across service lines and procedure sub types.

Payer-Specific Trends

Analyze physician behavior by payer and payer mix.

Site of Care

Measure alignment for both inpatient and outpatient volumes.

Physician Specialty

Understand referral relationships across specialties.

Network Explorer reveals opportunities to address network misalignment.


Providers use our Network Explorer to identify opportunities to increase network alignment.


Payers depend on our Network Explorer to understand how referral patterns impact their medical loss ratios.

Life Sciences

Life sciences firms count on Network Explorer to understand how referral patterns impact the adoption of their products.

Identify opportunities to improve your network integrity with ease.

See how our Network Explorer will help you address network misalignment. Fill out the form to get started.