Market Explorer

See how much of the market you control.

Gain a better understanding of your market share – and your competition.

Market share is the most important metric to measure network performance. Everyone in the healthcare industry overestimates their market share because they underestimate the number of competitors in their market.

Track True Market Share

Analyze market share with visibility into all healthcare services in a market – inpatient and outpatient.

Assess Total Addressable Market

Gain a more accurate understanding of the consumption of all services by service line, procedure type and procedure sub-type.

Find Growth Opportunities

Effectively allocate resources with targeted recommendations on the best opportunities to increase market share by ZIP Code.

Discover the factors that influence your share of the total addressable market.

Market Share Trends

Track your market share percentage and trend in context of changes in the overall market.

Geographic Views

Analyze your volumes and market share at the ZIP-Code level.

Service Line

See how market size and share vary across service line and procedure sub type.

Setting of Care

Understand all the settings of care where procedures are performed.

Payer Mix

Compete for specific patient populations with visibility into market share by payer type.


Understand the characteristics of the population in your market, including size, projected population growth, income and age.

Market Explorer provides an accurate view of all competitors—inpatient and outpatient—within local healthcare markets.


Providers use our Market Explorer to develop strategies to compete more effectively for market share.


Payers depend on our Market Explorer to inform their contract negotiations with organizations in the market.

Life Sciences

Life sciences firms use Market Explorer to better understand care trends at the local level.

Prevent strategic mistakes with accurate market insights.

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