Making healthcare providers stronger through
intelligent patient acquisition.

Trilliant Health is an analytics company that empowers healthcare providers to create and execute data-driven strategies to maximize growth for their markets.

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Peter Drucker once said that the healthcare providers are “altogether the most complex human organization ever devised.”

We agree. In an environment of relentless reimbursement cuts, rising expenses and increasing regulations, hospitals need strategies to increase profitable revenue more than ever.


Physician Focused Solutions

Making healthcare providers stronger by growing physician loyalty and driving more commercially insured patients through physician referrals.
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Employer Focused Solutions

Making healthcare providers stronger by engaging local employers in order to drive more commercially insured patients through the door.
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Consumer Focused Solutions

Making healthcare providers stronger by combining claims data with proprietary data-driven Patient Personas to more efficiently and effectively target, engage, and convert commercially insured patients online.
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Analytics Platform

Making healthcare providers stronger by providing data-driven insights and creating immediate value by answering the business questions that have the greatest impact on growth and development.

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Intelligent CRM

Making healthcare providers stronger by understanding that all healthcare is local and by using a CRM that recommends a customizable marketing and growth plan based on strategic goals and market factors.
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Making healthcare providers stronger so they not only survive but thrive.


  • Financially strong healthcare providers are essential to a vibrant community.
  • Hospitals have to operate in an environment in which the increase in their expenses outpaces the increase in their reimbursement every single year.
  • Increasing profitable market share of the commercially insured patient is the most enduring way to increase financial strength.
  • Commercial market share is a negative sum game. The number of commercially insured patients decreases every day, with 10,000 citizens becoming Medicare eligible every day who are “replaced” by half as many babies born to parents with commercial insurance.

Because every provider is different and every market is different, each provider will need a tailored solution for their unique challenges. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.
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