A diverse set of companies focused on one mission:
Making Hospitals Stronger™

Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology, data, and marketing companies focused on making hospitals stronger by delivering prescriptions for growth to increase a hospital’s market share through intelligent patient acquisition.

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Making hospitals stronger by growing market share.

Aegis is a tech-enabled services company with three decades of experience delivering profitable market share growth for hospitals using data-driven physician and employer outreach.
AEGIS HEALTHVisit Aegis Health at aegis.trillianthealth.com

Making hospitals stronger through direct-to-consumer marketing.

Clariture is a digital marketing technology that more efficiently and effectively finds, engages, and converts net new patients for healthcare providers, adding incremental revenue and increasing service line market share.
Clariture HealthVisit Clariture Health at clariture.trillianthealth.com

Making hospitals and health providers stronger by providing analytical insights focused on organic growth and development.

Expression Health is an analytics platform built on a national claims database that includes commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid, as well as insights into exchanges, worker’s compensation, and other specific payer types. By ingesting claims data daily, and processing over 330M claim lines per month, Expression Health provides purpose-built intelligence for organizations that are focused on success through growth and development.
EXPRESSION HEALTHVisit Expression Health at expression.trillianthealth.com

Making hospitals stronger by providing a 360° view of the healthcare consumer.

Health IDology is an “Intelligent CRM” (iCRM) platform that combines and utilizes claims, consumer, and employer data to analyze the healthcare consumers in a market, their need for care, their value to a provider and the most effective communication channels to engage them and their family members.
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