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What is
fear of change
costing you?

Trilliant Health provides the most comprehensive view of what is really happening in healthcare — because your future depends on it.

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We connect the dots in healthcare data, providing evidence-based insights to guide better decision-making.

Why? Your status quo strategy cannot transform your business.
The commercially insured population is shrinking.

~10,000 Americans become Medicare-eligible each day, while almost half of the ~10,000 daily births are covered by Medicaid.

Patients have choices like never before.

New entrants like Amazon, CVS and Walgreens offer services to compete with traditional providers at lower prices.

Negotiated rates are not a secret anymore.

Health plan price transparency reveals a wide disparity in the rate that payers reimburse different providers for delivering the same service in the same market.

We equip you with analytics, research and strategic expertise to win in healthcare’s negative-sum game.

Analytics Platform

Data is not enough to tell the whole story.

Our solutions put data into context to provide evidence-based insights into the current and future state of healthcare.

Network Explorer 

Track how patients are moving through (or out of) a network.

Market Explorer 

See how much of the market you own – and how much your competitors do.

Provider Directory 

View timely, accurate data on 2.9 million providers.

Health Plan Price Transparency 

Uncover the true variation in healthcare costs among and within markets.

Demand Forecast 

Allocate capital based on a 10-year forecast for healthcare demand.

Market Research

Our experts can help you determine the right strategies.

Our team of health policy analysts, data scientists and economists translates data into intelligible resources. Premium research tools and free publications deliver insights you can use to validate and inform decision-making.

Premium Products

Examples of research and strategic resources in the Compass+ research portal

Access our full research library with exclusive data stories and resources.

Free Resources

Weekly research publication

Analysis of health economy trends

Strategic Expertise

Forewarned is forearmed.

We see where healthcare is going, and your organization will benefit from our strategic insights and industry expertise.


A monthly publication inviting readers to think differently about the challenges facing America’s health economy.

Field Guide

A five-part guide offering evidence-based strategies and tactics to win healthcare’s negative-sum game.


An interactive tool that helps identify benchmarks for success based on similar markets and health systems.

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