A diverse set of companies focused on one mission:
Making Hospitals Stronger™

Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology and analytic companies focused on making hospitals stronger. By bringing together best in class technology, data, and marketing, Trilliant Health can deliver a full suite of products and services to help hospitals grow.


Making hospitals stronger through prescriptions for growth.

Aegis is a tech-enabled services company with three decades of experience delivering profitable market share growth for hospitals by increasing physician loyalty, targeting commercially insured employers and developing relationships with consumers.

Making hospitals stronger through remarkable service line growth.

Clariture is a technology that identifies, engages, and converts qualified patients to your strategic service lines resulting in new revenue.

Making hospitals and health providers stronger through descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Expression Health is an analytics technology platform that helps health organizations and providers succeed by providing analytic insights for business growth and development.

Making hospitals stronger by providing a 360° view of the healthcare consumer.

Health IDology is a healthcare CRM platform that combines and utilizes claims, consumer, and employer data to fully understand who a potential patient is, what they are searching for, and the best way to communicate with them about their personal health needs, and the health needs of their family.
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