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Compete effectively in the shrinking telehealth market with

Service Line Intelligence: Digital Health

The Challenge

Can your organization survive in a shrinking digital health market?

The recent decisions by Walmart and Optum to shutter their telehealth operations reinforce what we have seen in the data for years: the total addressable market for virtual care is effectively zero. 

To develop sustainable virtual care models requires early detection of emerging trends: evolving utilization patterns, supply dynamics and reimbursement models.  

Total Addressable Market (TAM) for Telehealth Post
Service Line Intelligence: Digital Health

Access data-driven insight about the digital health market

Expert Insights You Can Rely On
Our team blends diverse expertise in data science, policy analysis and health economics. With a demonstrated track record in the telehealth market, we help you anticipate changes in the digital health landscape.

Proven Experience in Navigating Digital Health Trends
With a multidisciplinary approach, we analyze, interpret and forecast digital health trends with precision and accuracy.

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Report Insights

Answer the most pressing questions facing digital health stakeholders

  • How is telehealth utilization changing over time?

  • Who are the patients using telehealth?

  • What are the trends in novel telehealth modalities (e.g., remote patient monitoring)?

  • What are the patterns in e-prescribing?

  • How is the digital health supplier landscape changing?

  • How are investments in digital health shifting?

  • How is the regulatory and policy landscape evolving?

  • How do rates for telehealth compare to in-person visits?

  • What are the short-term and long-term opportunities and challenges for digital health?

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We see where healthcare is going, and your organization will benefit from our strategic insights and industry expertise. 

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