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How to Cite Trilliant Health and Reprint Materials 


Thank you for your interest in citing our work. 

Can I reprint or distribute Trilliant Health materials? 
Trilliant Health materials may be reprinted if they are not altered, for personal-business, educational, and informational purposes. Textbook authors and commercial publishers have permission to cite our materials or reprint specific charts. 

All original Trilliant Health content is copyrighted material. 

Please follow the recommended citation format below. 

Linking To Our Materials 
If you republish Trilliant Health materials online, please link directly to the web page of the report or resource. Do not link directly to PDFs on  PDFs are often updated and a link directly to the PDF bypasses the webpage where updates and new versions are made available. 

Recommended Citations 
The Compass  

Article Title, The Compass, Trilliant Health (Publication Date) [URL]. 

Trends Shaping the Health Economy Report Series

{Year} Trends Shaping the Health Economy Report, Page #, Trilliant Health,{Year}-health-economy-trends

About Us 

Trilliant Health combines healthcare industry expertise, market research, and predictive analytics to form Evidence-Based Strategies for Healthcare™. Trilliant Health's proprietary analytics platform produces a comprehensive understanding of local market dynamics providing exponentially better data insights to maximize returns from growth strategies. 

Noble Purpose 

Every American is impacted by the health economy, and we are committed to making it exponentially better. 

How to Use Our Visual Assets: Refer to our Brand Guidelines when using our brand assets. 

Contact Us 
If the information provided above does not answer your specific reprint or citation questions, you may contact us. We always appreciate hearing about how our materials are being used.  Please contact us to send us a note about how you’re using Trilliant Health’s work.