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 Healthcare executives can no longer afford to be satisfied with “directionally correct” – hope is not a strategy. Instead, healthcare executives must focus on two decision categories: decisions for which there is insufficient data to inform that decision, and decisions based on probabilistic predictions. Trilliant’s Demand Forecast solution aggregates more than 300 algorithms to provide dynamic insights about future demand for healthcare services at a market level.
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10-Year View


Demand Forecast provides a 10-year view of the healthcare market based on a variety of claims, demographic, and psychographic data. The application provides health system strategy teams with a deep understanding of the relationship between consumer demand in a local market and the supply of healthcare providers available to serve that demand.


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Unique Insights


Users can assess strategic planning initiatives at the service line and procedural level, enabling them to understand which consumers are driving growth across gender, age, location, and care behavior (incidence rate). These insights allow strategy teams to better understand, target, and quantify the forecasted impact on their system.


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Confidence Intervals


Demand Forecast is specifically engineered to allow users to interpret a range of scenarios using confidence intervals. The confidence intervals empower users to measure different outcomes and incorporate their comfort level or risk aversion to the strategic initiative at the heart of a forecast. 



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Trilliant’s “noble purpose” is to enable every healthcare stakeholder to make evidence- based decisions using predictive analytics derived from a vast array of data about where, when, and how Americans consume healthcare products and services. Our mission is to use predictive analytics to redefine how the healthcare industry develops strategies, understands consumer healthcare decisions, and maximizes return on invested capital. Our vision is to create an algorithmic approach for every mission-critical decision in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to be recognized as a trusted advisor, dependable partner, and industry expert to the healthcare industry for enterprise-wide decision-making.