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Surgical Demand Forecast

Our Demand Forecast solution generates a 10-year projection of service demand in surgical episode categories across key market and consumer segments. Developed by industry leading experts and a team of data scientists, Trilliant’s approach enables health systems to have confidence in future market demand in increasingly uncertain of times. 

The interactive dashboard below represents surgical projections by CBSA. Users can explore the dashboard by filtering geographic markets and service lines for additional focused insights. This preview tool is for demonstration purposes only; contact us to learn more about the Demand Forecast solution and our other predictive capabilities.

How it works:
*This preview tool is not representative of the full capabilities of demand forecast. Contact us for an in-depth view.
  • Circle size is representative of forecasted population
  • Color is associated with the incidence rate change forecasted in 2029
  • CBSA rankings are based on forecasted volumes

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