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Demand Forecast


Maximize return on invested capital with a 10-year forecast of future demand for healthcare services.  


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National Demand

Predict where, when and how consumers will demand healthcare services on a 10-year horizon

Many health economy stakeholders have relied on a once-a-year review of national demand for healthcare services, and for decades they have made suboptimal decisions based on national models that conflate increased burden of disease for future demand. Our demand forecast is:

Evidence-based, built on our all-payer database of claims from over 300 million Americans to capture market realities with an unparalleled level of detail

Hyper-local, driven by incidence rates and demographic changes at the county level 

Probabilistic, with confidence intervals to interpret a range of possible scenarios 

Refreshed quarterly to reveal how recent changes shape the future of healthcare

How Can Demand Forecast Improve Your Network Performance? 

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View Local Market Trends

Analyze market trends at the national, state, core-based statistical area (CBSA), and ZIP code level.

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Understand Service Line Growth

Gain detailed insight into procedure-based service lines and service line sub groups. 

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Track Population Dynamics

 Account for population growth down to the ZIP code level with ESRI population data incorporated into service line projections.

Choose From 3 Delivery Methods

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Introducing Open Access to Trilliant Health’s National Demand Forecast API 

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Develop Strategic Plans to drive return on invested capital

Create Financial Projections based on evolving market demand for healthcare technologies, care modalities, pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Inform Provider Needs Analysis with a detailed understanding of demand at the service-line level

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Our Research Is Regularly Cited By:

Becker's Healthcare
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Fierce Healthcare

Explore critical market and service line dynamics with Trilliant Health’s proprietary demand forecast. 

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Data-driven Insights on the Health Economy

The health economy creates more data than any other part of the U.S. economy. Trilliant Health’s publications and reports examine the organization, financing and delivery of healthcare from the lens of demand, supply and yield. 


Research: Telehealth Demand Continues to Decline, Posing Challenges for Telehealth Providers and Policymakers
The drastic increase in telehealth use at the pandemic’s onset in 2020 led health economy stakeholders to rapidly expand telehealth capacity without having a clear picture of what future demand would be.

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Cover of the field guide.

Why Capital Allocation Matters for Every Health Economy Stakeholder  
For decades, health economy stakeholders have allocated capital with the “Field of Dreams” mindset – “if you build it, they will come” – because of an unsophisticated reliance on demographic trends, national demand forecast models and anecdote.

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SimilarityIndex™ | Hospitals
The foundation of an evidence-based strategy is an accurate benchmark. 2023 Trilliant Health SimilarityIndex™ | Hospitals is the health economy’s only data-driven hospital benchmarking analysis. 

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