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Trilliant Health Launches New Premium Research Subscriptions

Trilliant Health releases premium research subscriptions to equip healthcare executives with detailed and tailored insights on emerging healthcare trends.

In contrast to survey-based methods, Trilliant Health’s approach combines academic rigor with the industry’s most powerful dataset to offer data-driven insight.

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – July 13, 2023 – Trilliant Health, the healthcare industry’s leading analytics and market research firm, today announced the public launch of premium research subscriptions with exclusive research, educational materials and strategic planning resources. Trilliant Health’s premium research combines academic rigor with the industry’s most powerful datasets to set a new standard for data-driven insights, with medical and pharmacy claims for more than 300 million Americans and negotiated rates for health plans across the country.

“The health economy creates more data than any other part of the economy. Yet, the industry has been satisfied with data that is ‘directionally correct,’ based primarily on surveys with small sample size,” said Trilliant Health’s Chief Research Officer, Sanjula Jain, Ph.D. “Even in academia, our ability to draw conclusions is often limited by the scale and quality of available data. At Trilliant Health, our vision is to create comprehensive, data-driven research as a guide for industry leaders to navigate the increasingly complex health economy.”

The new subscriptions expand on publicly available research, including Trilliant Health’s industry-recognized publication, The Compass, which is read by C-suite and senior executives across all segments of the health economy from health systems to life sciences. Subscribers can access the Compass+ platform for:

  • Health Economy Trends – includes emerging and evolving trends with access to an expanded weekly research publication, in-depth reports with stakeholder-specific commentaries, a presentation-ready slide repository and quarterly policy insights. 
  • Strategic Insights – includes a monthly publication, primers on essential strategy concepts, overviews of stakeholder priorities and a collection of conversations with senior industry executives.
  • Data Tracking – provides forecasts for national trends in utilization and supply with interactive dashboards.

“I love The Compass. I look forward to every issue because I know I will learn something new,” said Robert Groves, M.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Banner | Aetna.  “It’s not an opinion piece, or a retread of the familiar ‘expert’ narratives, but rather a concise delivery of research-based, data-driven insights. These unique insights, in turn, drive true evidence-based strategy.”

Trilliant Health’s publicly available research, from The Compass and Trends Shaping the Health Economy report series to the SimilarityIndex™ | Hospitals benchmarking analysis, has been at the forefront of helping healthcare executives quantify and contextualize how the industry is changing by examining the demand (i.e., patient, consumer), supply (i.e., providers) and yield (i.e., price, cost of care) for any given topic. Trilliant Health’s research spans the organization, financing and delivery of healthcare and includes topics such as behavioral health, telehealth, the impact of retail providers, total cost of care by service line, physician practice and prescribing patterns, to name a few. 

“In this time of unprecedented challenges, it is more important than ever for us to anticipate the health care needs of the communities we serve, the evolving needs of our consumers and the forces impacting our industry,” said David Banks, Chief Strategy Officer for AdventHealth. “Trilliant Health’s research and reports on real-time trends have become a valuable resource as we develop and execute strategies to deliver whole person care to more patients and communities.”

“In response to all of the public research we have been publishing these past few years, our research team has been supporting executive teams by answering questions about the impact of individual trends for specific markets, organizations and patient populations. Through these follow-up projects, a common theme of research questions and information needs became apparent, resulting in the creation of tailored research subscriptions from the Compass+ and Service Line Intelligence Reports to Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking,” said Jain.

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