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Market Research & Strategy

Improving the speed and quality of decision-making among every healthcare stakeholder has never been more critical. Healthcare plays a massive societal role.
It is complex and represents a growing economy. Defining trends of the last decade – from evolving consumer expectations for Amazon-like services to “non-traditional” provider entrants – will continue to accelerate in the years ahead. In an economy defined by constant change, the challenges of effective decision-making placed on all healthcare executives, from hospital operators to policymakers, are even more acute.
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The Challenges

The health economy creates more data than any other part of the economy, but healthcare has historically been challenged to gather, distill and analyze the data in a way that allows healthcare executives to operationalize it as meaningful information. As healthcare executives begin developing strategies to guide their organizations in a health economy recovering from the global COVID-19 pandemic, insight into the demand, supply, and yield equation will help us distinguish between commonly-held anecdotes and the data-informed truths. 

The Anecdote

The Fact

Patients are loyal

Patients are consumers, and consumers are not loyal

Everyone loves telehealth

Less than 15% of the U.S. population used telehealth in 2020

Surgeons are splitters

PCPs are splitters

If we win the heart of Mom, we win the family

Women are less loyal to a system than men

If you build it, they will come

Consumer preference is based on psychology, not "location, location, location"

Demand is derivative of burden of disease

Demand is flat to declining despite increasing burden of disease

Not much changes in healthcare

Everything changes

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Our Method

Winning strategies in the health economy require ​data-driven Insight into demand, supply, and yield. Successful strategies incorporate relevant, high-quality information from disparate sources focused around the future that leverage local expertise and understanding. Trilliant Health's predictive analytics enable a dynamic understanding of the supply of, demand for, and consumer preferences about healthcare services at the market level.


Who We Serve

Trilliant Health provides predictive analytics to the healthcare industry, creating unique evidence-based strategies for the health economy. Trilliant Health's comprehensive understanding of local market dynamics provides probability-based solutions to maximize returns from growth strategies. 
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