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Provider Directory


Realize the power of the first provider directory based on
real-world evidence.

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Look closer at 2.9 million practitioners: their services, patients, visits, locations and referral patterns. 

Without an accurate view of physician patterns and relationships, healthcare commercial intelligence is limited at best. Until now, provider directories have been unable to keep up with the complexity and pace of change in the health economy. 

Every data element in our provider directory is continuously validated with a combination of:   

Claims Data

Claims data, used in conjunction with other external sources to assign a provider to the organization with which they are most likely associated

Human Curation

Human curation and interaction, acting as a feedback loop into a set of machine learning pipelines


Unsupervised learning approaches, separating providers into clusters and assigning practicing specialties

We Have Generated More Than 65 Million Novel and Proprietary Data Points… 

Practice Locations

Primary Organization

Our models analyze professional claims and identify the business entity with which a provider is most likely associated, determined by volume and recency. 

Provider Affiliations

Affiliated Practices

Providers are associated with up to five practice locations, based on data from the provider's institutional and professional claims. 

Practicing Specialty

Practicing Specialty 

We continuously update a provider's reported specialty based on procedures and services rendered, as evidenced by recent claims activity.

…and Corrected More Than 2 Million Data Points Found in Public Sources Like NPPES and Physician Compare.


How Can Provider Directory Improve Your Network Performance? 

Network Integrity 

Understand how physician referral patterns impact your network

Network Development 

Find physicians who offer high-value care to join your health plan network 

Go-to-Market Planning 

Tailor go-to-market strategies to local providers

Physician Recruiting 

Identify physicians and allied health professionals to join your organization  

Directory Compliance 

Use all-payer data to support compliance with the No Surprises Act

Sales Targeting 

Prioritize providers for business development efforts

Which Solution is Best for Your Workflow?

Provider Directory Application
Provider Directory API
Provider Directory on Databricks Marketplace

Evidence-based strategy will determine the winners of healthcare’s negative-sum game.   

Will you be one of them?

Data-driven Insights on the Health Economy

The health economy creates more data than any other part of the U.S. economy. Trilliant Health’s publications and reports examine the organization, financing and delivery of healthcare from the lens of demand, supply and yield. 

Figure 2.3_03.10.24

New Entrants Deliver Less than 1% of Low-Acuity Care
New entrants can deliver health services conveniently to consumers, but the closed-loop nature of their models also introduces disintermediation.

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Trilliant Health’s Response to CMS’s RFI for a National Directory of Healthcare Providers & Services

Trilliant Health’s Response to CMS’s RFI for a National Directory of Healthcare Providers & Services 
The health economy hangs off the physician's pen, but current directories are unable to handle the pace of change. 

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Geographic Analysis Reveals Mismatch in Supply of and Demand for Behavioral Health Providers and Primary Care Physicians

Geographic Analysis Reveals Mismatch in Supply of and Demand for Behavioral Health Providers and PCPs 

Quantifying the state of provider supply at a local level is necessary to understand current and future gaps. 

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