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To understand the rapidly changing health economy, every stakeholder - health systems, payers, life science companies, and investors - needs a comprehensive and current view of the evolving provider landscape.

With Provider Directory, users can analyze which providers treat which types of patients, where they treat them, how often they see them, and where their patients go next. 

Physician-level data in Provider Directory
Limitations of existing provider directories

Keep current on the ever-changing provider landscape

  • 38% of healthcare providers changed their primary office location between 2019 and 2022.

  • 60% of provider locations in NPPES are inaccurate. This information gap leaves stakeholders without the data they need to make evidence-based decisions.

Navigate the Health Economy with Provider Directory


Access accurate and timely data  

Access a comprehensive national database with activities and relationships for more than 2 million healthcare providers. By applying advanced algorithms to public and private datasets, Provider Directory delivers insights with data as recent as 60 days.

 Map of healthcare supply across U.S.
Provider Directory integrated with CRM

Integrate data into existing tools   

Provider Directory integrates with your existing internal systems and applications, like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. In just a few steps, seamlessly load data into the systems you already use – no integration fees.

What makes Provider Directory unique

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Strategic Support  

With more accurate and timely data, develop and execute evidence-based strategies ranging from network development and provider relationship management to go-to-market strategies.

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Real-Time Data

The healthcare provider landscape is rapidly evolving. Stay current and have more confidence with recent medical claims, prescriptions and consumer data, including top procedures, referrals, work RVUs, patient panel information and more.

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Maximum Portability

Add comprehensive health economy intelligence to your existing workflows or applications.

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