Market Analytics


Understand Past and Present Supply, Demand, and Yield in your market

For too long, hospital executives have made decisions without understanding real-time, comprehensive market dynamics. Learn how 5 of the 10 largest health systems use Market Analytics to make informed strategic decisions.

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Analytics for Rapidly Evolving Markets

Trended & Near Real-Time Data

Understand how the market has transitioned over the last 3 years and how your strategy efforts are materializing with data as recent as 30 days ago.


Outpatient Visibility

Designed to provide an understanding of all ambulatory services, Trilliant gives a comprehensive view of providers including ASCs, HOPDs, physician offices, urgent cares, imaging centers, and PT clinics.


Longitudinal View of a Patient

Track de-identified patients over time to measure loyalty and find where they exit your system for care with a competitor.

Three Ways You Can Move Market Share


  • What is the physician landscape in my market? Who are the physicians by specialty, and what are their referral patterns?
  • What is the outpatient landscape of my market? What is the volume of ASCs, imaging centers, PT clinics, and physician offices?
  • What is the overall competitive landscape of my market? Who are my biggest competitors, and how has that trended over time?


  • How loyal are “my” patients? What is my Share of Care and Patient Loyalty?
  • Who are the net-new consumers I should attract? Where are they, and how should I seek them out?
  • What services should we expand, and what physicians should we hire to match future consumer demand?


  • Are payers steering volumes in my market to lower-cost settings of care? Are they more aligned to the ASCs and outpatient operators?
  • How is price transparency impacting my competitive position?
  • How am I being reimbursed relative to my peers? Are certain payers reimbursing at higher rates than others?

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