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A comprehensive platform that expands on the themes in our public research with exclusive data-driven insights, policy briefings, executive commentaries and strategic resources.


Compass+ Platform
Exclusive Insights

If you love our publicly available research, Compass+ now gives you access to the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive research platform, with exclusive reports, publications, policy insights and commentary by senior industry executives.


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Track Key Trends Shaping the $4.3 Trillion Health Economy

Track Key Trends Shaping the $4.3 Trillion Health Economy

Our Research Is Regularly Cited By:

Becker's Healthcare
Harvard Business Review
The Wall Street Journal
Fierce Healthcare

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Compass+ Platform

Subscribers receive an ongoing series of applied resources, stakeholder-specific analyses and executive insights designed to guide evidence-based decision making.

Explore Emerging and Evolving Health Economy Trends

Access an expanded weekly research publication, in-depth reports, a presentation-ready slide repository and quarterly policy insights.


Explore Emerging and Evolving Health Economy Trends
Access Data-Driven Strategic Insights

Access Data-Driven Strategic Insights

Develop data-driven strategies with a monthly publication, primers on essential concepts, overviews of stakeholder priorities and a collection of conversations with senior industry executives.


Stay Current on Emerging Data Trends

Explore forecasts for national trends in utilization and supply with interactive dashboards.


Stay Current on Emerging Data Trends

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Compass+ Features

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Original Research
Access exclusive insights created by our team of researchers and analysts.

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Comprehensive Data
Backed by medical and pharmacy claims for more than 300M Americans.

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Searchable Content
Find relevant content by data, topic and type.

Slide Repository
Slide Repository
Access board-ready slides and figures.

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Policy Updates
Health policy developments unfolding in the nation’s capital.

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Executive Commentary
Overview and commentary on priorities and viewpoints of health economy stakeholders