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Trilliant Health’s Market Explorer Application Provides a Comprehensive View of Local Healthcare Markets

Market Explorer is an intuitive and user-friendly application that reveals market share for any healthcare provider in a market. 

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – November 29, 2023 – Trilliant Health, the healthcare industry’s leading analytics firm, today released its Market Explorer, a point-and-click application that provides a more accurate understanding of network performance at the local market level. 
“Healthcare is a negative-sum game, and there is no way to win without competing effectively,” said Hal Andrews, Chief Executive Officer for Trilliant Health. “Market share is the most important metric to measure network performance. Everyone in the healthcare industry reports their market share inaccurately, because they underestimate the number of competitors in their market. Market Explorer reveals some uncomfortable realities about market share in almost every market, but an accurate benchmark is essential to developing evidence-based strategies to compete effectively.”  
Market Explorer combines Trilliant Health’s proprietary Provider Directory containing more than 2.9M providers with its national all-payer claims dataset containing medical claims for 300 million Americans into an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables users to:  

  • Track Market Share: Analyze true market share with visibility into all healthcare services in a market – inpatient and outpatient.  
  • Assess Total Addressable Market: Gain a more accurate understanding of the consumption of all services by service line, procedure type and procedure sub-type. 
  • Find Growth Opportunities: Effectively allocate resources with targeted recommendations on the best opportunities to increase market share by ZIP code. 

“The competition is no longer just the hospital across town or the ASC owned by a few surgeons, as Fortune 10 companies like Amazon and Walmart offer services to compete with traditional providers at lower costs,” said Andrews. “Despite macro-economic and industry headwinds, there are no examples in American history of organizations that cut their way to prosperity, and the winners of healthcare’s negative-sum game will be those who develop evidence-based strategies. Market Explorer enables every healthcare provider to understand the most concerning trends and competitive opportunities in their market.” 

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About Trilliant Health  

Trilliant Health combines healthcare industry expertise, market research and predictive analytics to form Evidence-Based Strategy for Healthcare™. Trilliant Health's proprietary analytics platform produces a comprehensive understanding of local market dynamics providing exponentially better data insights to maximize returns from growth strategies.