Analytics Platform

Analytics, not reporting

Is Your Information Stale, Incomplete,
or Both?

For too long, healthcare executives have made poor decisions based on suboptimal information, like state data, outdated claims, or Medicare data that is 9-18 months old. How long can you survive with less than half of the available information?

Make Better Decisions

Analytics for Rapidly Evolving Markets

No Modeled Data

Our analytics are based on what we are certain actually happened, not estimates of what you hope will happen.

Outpatient Visibility

Our analytics were designed to provide an understanding
of ambulatory market share, which includes a comprehensive
view of all providers including Imaging Centers,
Physical Therapy Facilities, ASCs, Physician Offices,
and Hospital Outpatient Departments.

Longitudinal View of a Patient

Whether you rely on a fee-for-service model or a
value-based care approach, understanding a
patient’s care journey is essential.

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