Analytics Platform

Do you know the Supply, Demand,
and Yield in your market?

For too long, hospital executives have made decisions without understanding real-time market dynamics. Learn how 5 of the 10 largest health systems use the Analytics Platform to understand the full landscape of their markets.

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Analytics for Rapidly Evolving Markets

Data Portability

Access de-identified claims and consumer data in your own environment.

Outpatient Visibility

Our analytics were designed to provide an understanding
of ambulatory market share, which includes a comprehensive
view of all providers including Imaging Centers,
Physical Therapy Facilities, ASCs, Physician Offices,
and Hospital Outpatient Departments.

Longitudinal View of a Patient

Whether you rely on a fee-for-service model or a
value-based care approach, understanding a
patient’s care journey is essential.

Three Ways You Can Move Market Share

Physician Loyalty

  • Where are “my” doctors sending patients?
  • Who are the splitters?

Consumer Loyalty

  • What are the best ZIP Codes to target by service line?
  • What is my share of wallet for patients that we consider “ours”?

Payer Strategy

  • Where are payers steering volumes in my market?
  • How am I being reimbursed relative to my market peers?

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