With a Focus on Making Hospitals Stronger, Trilliant Health Names Adam Peebles Vice President of National Accounts

Trilliant Health, the parent company of a group of healthcare technology, data, and marketing companies, has named Adam Peebles as its new vice president of national accounts. Trilliant subsidiaries, Aegis and Clariture Health, specialize in helping hospitals develop meaningful and profitable relationships with physicians, employers, and consumers.

In his new role, Peebles will focus on delivering market-specific and patient-level intelligence that will help health systems find, attract, and retain commercially insured patients.

“With the ever-changing environment of the US health system, hospitals will be at a disadvantage if they do not focus on innovative ways to attract profitable new patients,” said Hal Andrews, CEO of Trilliant and Aegis Health. “Adam’s experience in developing growth strategies for hospitals will be a tremendous asset to Trilliant as we further our mission of making hospitals stronger.”

Before joining Trilliant, Peebles served as vice president of business development at Aegis where he expanded the Midwest region client base. Peebles also ran the west coast sales and growth efforts for InQuicker, an online scheduling and patient acquisition company, and most recently, served as the head of growth for a consulting firm focused on assisting SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies with digital lead generation and client acquisition. Adam’s career has ranged in scope but the core has remained the same: to arm hospitals with the strategies needed to attract the right kind of patients to build a healthy and growing system. Adam earned a bachelor’s degree at Murray State University.

“Health systems are key to the core economic growth of our local communities and our country as a whole. I believe that in order for them to thrive, it is pertinent they turn their attention to acquiring patients with favorable reimbursement profiles,” said Peebles. “It will not only ensure their survival, but also help the populations they serve to grow and flourish.”

Vibrant health systems are essential to the growth and economic success of our country, but are increasingly challenged by the triad of declining reimbursements, growing expenses, and an ever-more unpredictable regulatory future. To meet these challenges, and more, hospitals need solutions for profitable revenue growth now more than ever before.


About Trilliant Health

Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology, data, and marketing companies focused on making hospitals stronger by delivering prescriptions for growth to increase a hospital’s market share. By combining best-in-class software applications with a data integration platform that combines clinical, claims, and patient-generated data, Trilliant Health can deliver market-focused and patient-level intelligence to assist hospitals in finding, retaining and assuming risk for patient populations. For more information, please visit trillianthealth.com.

About Aegis
For three decades, Aegis has made hospitals stronger by developing and implementing revenue growth strategies. Aegis provides hospitals a prescription for growth unique to its local market dynamics. Our technology and analytics-driven approach enables hospitals to increase profitable market share by targeting employers with commercially insured employees, creating physician loyalty to increase patient referrals and productivity, and engaging consumers in their health to grow service lines. Aegis believes that strong hospitals are the lifeblood of vibrant communities, and Aegis is solely committed to making hospitals stronger so they can serve their communities more effectively. For more information, please visit aegishealth.com.

About Clariture
Founded in 2013, San Francisco and Nashville-based Clariture Health, Inc. is a software-as-a-service, HIPAA-compliant digital healthcare marketing platform that drives targeted patient engagement and acquisition for hospitals, health systems, and outpatient providers. The Clariture digital marketing technology is built to more efficiently and effectively find, engage, and convert net new patients for healthcare providers, adding incremental revenue and increasing service line market share. Clariture’s Enterprise Healthcare Marketing Platform™ integrates directly with online channel ad APIs, giving real-time data for optimization and reporting. This level of channel integration enables Clariture’s hospital & health system customers to enjoy unprecedented digital reach, media optimization, patient acquisition, and real-time reporting, to ultimately maximize return on investment (ROI). For more information, please visit clariturehealth.com.