Built to live on top of the Analytics Platform, the Solutions Suite was developed to enable providers’ efficient and effective growth.

Physician Focused Solutions

Grow physician loyalty and drive more commercially insured patients through physician referrals.
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Employer Focused Solutions

A suite of offerings for healthcare providers that want to drive more patients by engaging local employers.
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Consumer Focused Solutions

Through combining claims data and user-generated marketing data, providers can target, engage, and acquire commercially insured patients online.
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Analytics Platform

Answer the business questions that have the greatest impact on growth and development with a platform built on the most robust data available.
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Revolutionizing How Providers Engage in Every Patient’s Journey

Trilliant Health’s differentiators create for unparalleled software and solutions for providers.

  • Hospital expertise: We understand your business. Our team has deep roots in managing and operating hospitals and provider groups.
  • Transparency: We are forthcoming about what data we have and what we don’t, the solutions we can provide, and the outcomes our clients can expect.
  • Emphasis on both strategy & execution: Our products and solutions are built to ensure that our partners have access to the answers they need for both the strategic planning and execution of their market-specific goals initiatives.

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