Oncology Analytics

The first strategic analytics tool to grow your Oncology Service Line

Americans spend $150 Billion annually on Cancer care

The average cancer treatment cost $150,000, more than four times as expensive than the average stroke or heart attack. With so much at stake and the complexity of care high, understanding a cancer patient at a personal level requires a novel analytics approach.

Created in collaboration with cancer thought-leaders, strategists, and an NCI-accredited facility, Trilliant created the first claims-based, analytics solution purposefully-built to empower executives to expand their oncology service line, improve network integrity, and better coordinate the follow up of cancer patients.

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See inpatient and outpatient oncology volume

Easily see how patients migrate between inpatient and outpatient facilities for their cancer treatments

Track cancer patients longitudinally

Track a cancer patient’s care over the years they seek treatment

Improve network integrity

Understand physician alignment and how patients are referred for oncology services

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