Intelligent Patient Acquisition

Making healthcare providers stronger by providing a 360° view of the healthcare consumer.

Trilliant Health’s intelligent CRM (iCRM) is a new approach to strategic decision-making in healthcare. The foundation of our iCRM is a view of the entire population of a market area, all of which are by definition healthcare consumers and therefore potential customers.

Healthcare providers must reconsider their historical approach to patient acquisition. Instead of a reactive approach to engaging patients after a visit, providers need to understand every individual in a market from a 360° view- as an employee, a patient, a health plan member, and a consumer.

Our iCRM is designed to enable healthcare providers to create the same relationship with their consumers that the nation’s most sophisticated retailers use to speak with their customers. They can communicate with potential patients when they need it, with a personalized message or recommendation that is relevant to their needs, delivered in a channel to which they are likely to respond.

Through Trilliant’s iCRM, health systems will be finally be at the forefront of patient engagement, acquisition, and retention.

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