Predictive Analytics

Predicting the Future of Healthcare Demand

Redefining how health systems see around the corner in the most uncertain of times. For decades, the industry has developed generic strategic plans assuming that the national increase in burden of disease is predictive of future demand in local markets. By applying advanced machine learning techniques, healthcare providers can now confidently develop growth strategies at the local market level.

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Predictive Analytics for An Unpredictable Healthcare Future

Local Incidence > National Incidence

Your market’s demographics, care patterns and incidence rate is unique. That should be considered in your Demand Forecast projection.

Confidence Intervals > Spot Projections

Understanding the distributions and probability of outcomes is more important than relying on a single scenario in the future.

Adaptable > Static

Combine predictive analytics with your proprietary data to further customize the analysis.

The Importance of Understanding the Future: Different Markets have Different Demand for Different Services

Site Selection as Care Transitions Away from Inpatient

  • How fast will services switch from IP to OP in my market?
  • Do I have the right assets and capacity to efficiently care for patient demand?

Service Line

  • Which services are projected to grow or decline in the coming years?
  • What are the expected demographics of the future demand?

Consumer Behavior Projections

  • How do demographic, psychographic, geographic, and other market forces impact future demand?
  • What impact do moving populations have on healthcare delivery?

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