Trilliant Analytics Platform

Meaningful analytical insights in the inpatient and outpatient space.

Determining the most effective business strategy is difficult when markets are in transition.

The Trilliant Health Analytics Platform was developed to help healthcare organizations and providers grow in rapidly changing markets, by providing the insights needed to make smart, data-driven strategic decisions.

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We synthesize de-identified national claims, household, employer, patient-generated, and EMR data and tokenize it to map a patient journey across different data sets.
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With healthcare migrating from inpatient to outpatient settings of care, you need insights across all facilities. Through our proprietary analytics, you can see the entire patient journey mapped directly to the site of service.
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We input claims 30 days from date of service, so you will see market changes when they happen and you have the most recent intelligence to guide your decision making.
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Our easy-to-use platform allows you to do your own data discovery, see market changes, and evaluate the impact of your strategies in your markets.

Why Trilliant Health

There’s no shortage of data in today’s healthcare marketplace. That’s why we bring you something more: a unique combination of “big data,” healthcare expertise, and business-quality analytics.

By framing the issues properly, merging “big data” from multiple sources, drawing on the knowledge of subject matter experts and applying advanced analytical tools, we can help you understand your market from all dimensions.

Our support can sharpen your strategic thinking and help you address a variety of different challenges – from enhanced competitiveness to increased profitability to opening new markets and realizing new business opportunities. Our goal is to deliver measurable value to your organization.


A Strategic Approach

You know only too well how complex the health industry has become and how quickly it’s changing.  So how do you develop effective strategies to succeed?  You need a strategic approach that ensures you’ll make the right decisions.

Grow Market Share

Growth is a critical business objective, but in a rapidly consolidating health market, how do you choose the best path? To choose the right strategy, you need the right information. When you’re ready to grow, we’ll show you how.

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