Intelligent Patient Acquisition Through Analytics

Making hospitals and health providers stronger by providing analytical insights focused on organic growth and development.

You know the healthcare industry is changing rapidly. But do you know the best strategies to capitalize on these changes and seize new market opportunities? Trilliant’s Analytics Platform delivers more than just data. We deliver insights that create value. Our investment-grade analytics can answer the business questions you have today, and help you develop solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. If you’re open to new insights, new strategies and new possibilities for growth, we’ll provide answers.

What We Do

Determining the most effective business strategy is difficult when markets are in transition. Our analytics platform was developed to help healthcare organizations and providers succeed in a rapidly changing market, by providing the insights needed to make smart, data-driven strategic decisions.

Using data is key to making informed decisions. But data alone is not enough. We leverage “big data” from multiple sources, with business-grade analytic tools to enhance the effectiveness of your decision-making. You may be trying to understand how and why your market has changed. Or, you may be trying to predict what will happen next so you can respond accordingly. Regardless of the challenges you face – mergers and acquisitions, market growth strategies, new business development, provider alignment, network impact, or new care delivery and efficiency – our analytics can give you the insights and confidence you need to select the right strategies with the greatest ROI.

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We use a “big data” platform built specifically to accommodate multiple data sources and streaming data, plus advanced analytics, to provide the insights you need.
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When you work with Trilliant Health, you work with a team of experts with deep experience in both healthcare and data science. As a group, you'll find that we're inquisitive, open-minded, driven and results oriented.
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Our insights are specifically designed to provide clarity and to answer your important business questions. We provide easy-to-understand results and easy-to-implement steps to help you achieve your goals.
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Our analytic tools are designed to provide a higher level of accuracy and insight. What does that mean to you? It means we'll give you the confidence to choose the strategies you know will help you achieve your best results.

Why Trilliant Health

There’s no shortage of data in today’s healthcare marketplace. That’s why we bring you something more: a unique combination of “big data,” healthcare expertise, and business-quality analytics.

By framing the issues properly, merging “big data” from multiple sources, drawing on the knowledge of subject matter experts and applying advanced analytical tools, we can help you understand your market from all dimensions.

Our support can sharpen your strategic thinking and help you address a variety of different challenges – from enhanced competitiveness to increased profitability to opening new markets and realizing new business opportunities. Our goal is to deliver measurable value to your organization.

The foundation of our analytics platform is a national, multi-payer claims database, plus other multiple sources with near real-time input. You won’t have to wait for the data to catch up to your market. And, we’ll reveal patterns that can be hidden in a rapidly changing and competitive market, by drawing on subject matter experts and a team of data scientists.

Our web-based business intelligence visualizations provide targeted, easy-to-understand answers. Our graphing tools let you do your own data discovery, see market changes, and evaluate the impact of your strategies on your markets.


A Partnership for Growth

Trilliant’s Analytics Partner Program is designed to build long-lasting relationships and help our clients open new opportunities for growth. We partner with organizations that recognize the value of analytics and are driven to innovate. Our philosophy and actions are driven by a very real collaborative approach; we dialogue and listen to the needs of our clients which helps to drive our product strategy. This means that together, we create a competitive differentiator for success.

Whether you are targeting new markets and customers or looking to add value to your existing customer base, we help grow our clients’ business by creating value from big data. We currently work with hospital systems, hospitals, large physician practices, ambulatory care settings, post-acute care, physical therapy, technology, and other health sectors and markets adjacent to health care.


Open new markets and new opportunities for growth through analytics

  • Repeatable efficiency and productivity
  • Generate new revenue streams by differentiating your services
  • OEM/ White Label Products & Services to decrease cost and time to value
  • Network and collaborate with our growing list of partners for new business opportunities and best practices
  • Collaborative marketing and sales assistance to help you identify and close new business opportunities
  • Continuous innovation that gives you the latest functionality and market insights


A Strategic Approach

You know only too well how complex the health industry has become and how quickly it’s changing.  So how do you develop effective strategies to succeed?  You need a strategic approach that ensures you’ll make the right decisions.

Grow Market Share

Growth is a critical business objective, but in a rapidly consolidating health market, how do you choose the best path? To choose the right strategy, you need the right information. When you’re ready to grow, we’ll show you how.

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