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Next-Generation CRM: Intelligent, Individualized, Automated

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By Jane Weber Brubaker, As Published in eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

Demands on health system marketing departments for growth and accountability are relentless. Data-driven marketing is the new imperative, yet marketing departments typically run lean, with lean budgets. Digital marketers have to be experts in web development, content management, social media, digital advertising, attribution modeling, multichannel marketing, and lately, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

CRM systems have evolved to give marketers the ability to target the right individuals and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts. But these systems don’t run themselves. They require people to develop and manage campaigns, and analysts to report on the results. A new offering on the CRM landscape, Trilliant Health’s Intelligent CRM, seeks to take this heavy load off the shoulders of health system marketing departments.

“For many chief marketing officers around the country, there’s been a plateauing of our expectations around CRM systems, but also a sincere hope that there were more possibilities that could be unlocked,” says Darin Szilagyi, vice president of marketing and public relations at Methodist Health System in Dallas.

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