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New E-book from Aegis Health Helps Hospitals Grow Market Share Through Data-Driven Physician Relationship Management

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(NASHVILLE – December 6, 2017) —  A timely e-book outlining best practices for hospitals wanting to establish a successful physician relationship program has been issued by Aegis Health, the nation’s leading organization in delivering profitable market share growth for hospitals.

The e-book – now available for download at – is the latest in an ongoing series of publications being created by Aegis and its parent company, Trilliant Health.  All are available free of charge and are designed to make hospitals stronger as market share competition heats up and market place dynamics remain in flux.

The new e-book, entitled Creating Physician Loyalty: A Growth Strategy Through Relationship Building and Data Science, contends that a physician relationship program should be among the most important strategic imperatives on any hospital’s agenda.  “Smart hospitals today, more than ever, are recognizing the need for a first-class, data-driven physician-focused program that emphasizes growth across the continuum of care through integration and collaboration between hospitals and physicians,” it says.  “The best ones are sales based and measurable, creating physician loyalty in ways that increase patient referrals, productivity and incremental revenue.”

According to the e-book, this is best achieved by instituting a program that intelligently integrates high touch and high tech – the right people armed with the right data to give the hospital the greatest chance of success.  This includes employing a full-time Physician Relations Specialist (PRS) and toward that end the e-book offers road-tested recommendations on the qualities that individuals should possess, where they should focus their attention for the greatest ROI and the importance of arming the PRS with sophisticated and personalized analytics driven by data science.

In asserting that today’s data is “more robust than ever,” Aegis contends that when properly applied such data can help a hospital:

  • Understand current physician referral trends in near real time.
  • Build loyalty to hospital facilities and align providers using targeted messaging.
  • Uncover physician issues and manage barriers to access.
  • Improve overall communication and satisfaction.
  • Identify specific growth opportunities.
  • Engage top-performing physicians and influencers, and target weak relationships.
  • Achieve referral alignment, economic alignment and strategic alignment with their physician partners.
  • Identify areas of leakage outside their clinical network.

In support of these goals, the e-book summarizes how to best leverage rich data and discusses the five basic principles successful hospitals have used to achieve a “decided competitive advantage” through data science.

In addition to providing these insights, the e-book offers eight tips for establishing high levels of trust between hospital leadership and its physicians as well as a check-list hospitals can use to measure where their organization stands in developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with local physicians.

About Aegis Health

Aegis Health is a tech-enabled services company with three decades of experience delivering desirable market share growth for hospitals using data-driven physician and employer outreach. It is part of Trilliant Health, a group of technology, data, and marketing companies focused on helping hospitals and other healthcare providers grow profitable revenue.  For more information, visit

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