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Webinar Unlocks the Secrets Behind Hospitals Identifying and Acquiring Competition’s Commercially Insured Patients

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(NASHVILLE, Tenn.— January 16, 2018) — With margins shrinking and competition rising, hospitals nationwide are being challenged more than ever with how to attract and retain commercially insured consumers who represent their most profitable and sought-after patients.

To assist in that effort, Trilliant Health is hosting an important and timely webinar designed to help hospital leaders locate their most desirable patients, increase volume and improve patient loyalty. Entitled “Market Share: Are You a Giver or a Taker?” the webinar will be held on January 23 from 11 – 11:40 a.m. (CDT). It is free to attend; registration is currently open at

“In a competitive landscape where the commercially insured market is a zero-sum game, having the ability to identify and acquire the competition’s desired patients is critical to growth.” said Jeff Snyder, president of Clariture Health, a Trilliant Health Company. Snyder will be one of the two presenters at the webinar, along with Trilliant Health Vice President Adam Peebles. “Attendees at this webinar will witness how advanced analytics can enable them to identify, acquire and retain commercially insured patients, and how to effectively target the best customers of their competitors,” Snyder added.

Snyder says that through the intelligent use of data science, hospitals can see where, when and how all of the commercially insured consumers in a given market – not just their own patients – are accessing care. “They’re not as loyal as many healthcare leaders think,” he says, “and that makes this webinar and the takeaways even more critical.”

As part of the webinar, attendees will learn how leading health systems are using Trilliant’s proprietary analytics to increase their share of the most favorably insured consumers in their markets. Through a live demo using the near real-time data, they will also see how two different providers – one of the most profitable health systems in the country and one of the nation’s largest academic medical centers – are using data science to better understand consumer behavior and target the most profitable patients to grow service-line volume.

“The real question hospital leaders need to ask themselves is: ‘Are we gaining profitable market share, or are we losing it?’” said Peebles. “Analytics can help hospitals better understand their market and market potential in far greater depth and with far greater specificity than ever before. This webinar can start hospitals on the right track to unlocking the information they need to be a long-term sustainable winner in the battle for market share preeminence.”

The January 23 webinar is part of an ongoing webinar series conducted by Trilliant Health and its affiliated companies – Aegis Health, Clariture Health and Expression Health Analytics. All of the webinars throughout the year are focused on making healthcare providers stronger through intelligent patient acquisition.

About Trilliant Health
Trilliant Health is the parent of a group of healthcare technology, data and marketing companies focused on making hospitals stronger by delivering prescriptions for growth to increase a hospital’s market share through intelligent patient acquisition. By combining best-in-class software applications with a data-integration platform that combines clinical, claims and patient-generated data, Trilliant Health can deliver market-focused and patient-level intelligence to assist hospitals and other healthcare providers in finding, retaining and assuming risk for patient populations. For more information, please visit

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