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New | 2023 Trends Shaping the Health Economy Report

2023 Frame-2

The report is a fact-based national analysis of 10 data-driven trends that will define the landscape, and subsequent challenges, for all players in the health economy, revealing the importance of delivering value for money.    

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Annual Series: Trends Shaping the Health Economy  

2022 Trends Shaping the Health Economy


With more than 110 data-driven analyses, our second annual Trends Shaping the Health Economy report sheds light on the past, contextualizes the present and predicts the future of the $4.5T health economy, highlighting 13 macro trends that the pandemic has significantly amplified or accelerated.     

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2021 Trends Shaping the Health Economy


Trilliant Health's inaugural 2021 Trends Shaping the Post-Pandemic Health Economy Report reveals several surprising macro trends impacting the $4T health economy.     


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Trends Shaping the Health Economy: Behavioral Health

Trends Shaping the Health Economy: Behavioral HealthTrends Shaping the Health Economy: Behavioral Health

Our Trends Shaping the Health Economy: Behavioral Health report highlights eight macro trends to explore how the pandemic altered behavioral health diagnosis and treatment in America through the lens of supply, demand and yield.

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Additional Reports and Studies

Jama Tall view

Published in

JAMA Oncology


In this study, we use a national, all-payer claims-based dataset to examine trends in breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis from January 2017 to December 2021.


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SimilarityIndex™ | Markets


The foundation of an evidence-based strategy is an accurate benchmark. The SimilarityIndex™ is a new set of benchmarks generated from the health economy’s first machine-learning-based SimilarityEngine™. Healthcare is inherently local, and therefore a complete understanding of a market across multiple factors is a requirement for meeting the care needs and preferences of individual patient populations. Thus, the first application of the SimilarityEngine™ is focused on markets.

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Trends Shaping the Health Economy: Telehealth


This study presents a longitudinal analysis of the ways in which Americans utilized telehealth from March 1, 2020, through November 30, 2021, using a variety of claims and consumer datasets.

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