New Brentwood health care company lands big-name backing

By   –  Reporter, Nashville Business Journal

Longtime health care executive Hal Andrews has a new CEO role and a fresh round of funding to grow his recently merged company.

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Andrews took over the head position at Brentwood-based Trilliant Health in June, when Aegis Health and Clariture Health merged to form the umbrella company. He had formerly been CEO of Nashville-based Shareable Ink and RevPoint, and was the chairman of the board for Aegis at the time of the merger.

Last week, Trilliant, which focuses on health care analytics and patient acquisition, announced a round of funding from Nashville Capital Network, Martin Ventures and First Trust Capital Partners Managing Director Jon Phillips. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Andrews said the investment will allow the company to continue building its customer-relationship management platform, Health IDology.

“We think about customer acquisition the way that the largest companies in the world think about customer acquisition,” Andrews said. “We’re trying to use data and analytics and behavioral patterns to help hospitals engage the consumers at the right place, at the right time, with the right care.”

That means focused marketing to patients with commercial insurance who, according to Andres, are the “life-blood” of the health system. He said that as the population ages and more people are eligible for Medicare or are uninsured, hospitals must be more specific in how they target consumers.

In the same way Amazon markets products to people based on the where they live, previous purchases and income level, health systems must match the patient with the hospital that is the best fit, Andrews said.

“As a guy who has been in the hospital business for 25 years, I don’t believe that every hospital has the same needs,” Andrews said. “I think hospitals need different things in different markets. So, we are trying to bring a host of solutions together that are diverse but related to a revenue focus.”

Since bringing Aegis and Clariture under the same Trilliant umbrella, the company has acquired data-analytics company Expression Health Analytics. Andrews said the three companies had little customer overlap, opening up new lines of revenue. Providers are looking for consolidated vendors, Andrews said, and the recent investment enables new partnerships.

“We feel good about the path we’re on,” Andrews said.